Optimal network standards could save energy

“Carbon Aware Network” can do it: Better or more appropriate standards could provide leverage for more energy efficiency of the Internet.

The tech community could clearly distance itself from cryptocurrency mining, and it could add “consideration for energy consumption” to standards in addition to security and privacy. Whether such measures and, above all, more energy-efficient standards can contribute to the energy turnaround was the subject of a virtual workshop that ran until Monday. More measurements, and more transparency in energy consumption are important, according to the unanimous opinion of the participants.

There is a lot of talk about “green data centers,” but the fact that you can also reduce the Internet’scarbon footprint by choosing “economical” data formats is less well known. At a multi-day workshop, the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), the Internet Engineering Task Force, and the Internet Research Task Force considered the effects of the web on global warming. They collected ideas for climate-friendly standards – a burning issue in view of the rapid growth in data traffic. Because network applications are so widespread, even small improvements promise enormous savings effects.

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