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Is the telego! High-tech messenger service also available for private customers?

Unfortunately no. Only business customers are entitled to activation and use.

The name telego! sounds familiar. Did the company exist before?

The company telego! GmbH was the name of a telecommunications provider in Taufkirchen that also focused on demanding business customers and offered fixed-network, mobile communications and Internet services until 2015. This company was then taken over by HFO AG, later legally merged and successively continued under a different name. The original founders, Dipl.-Kfm. Manfred K. Wolff and Dipl.-Phys. Nicolas Adolph, MBA, had retained the trademark rights in creditPass GmbH and are once again providing an innovative telecommunications solution with the high-tech messenger service. This time completely mobile, with additional functions, a focus on cyber security and again exclusively for demanding business customers.


Can I apply for telego! completely online?

For identification and compliance reasons, we still need signed order forms, HR statements, etc. Should technologies become available that also enable complete online without security losses during activation/onboarding, we will test them and use them if successful.

Are there personally known contact persons?

Yes. This is one of the essential features of our offer. When there are questions, our customers do not talk to semi-anonymous call center agents, but to personally known contacts.

Is telego! also available abroad?

Yes. The users activated in our systems can move freely in order to communicate. Our customers alone must be based in Germany. The plan is to extend this to the whole of Europe by 2024.


Why are messages at telego! not completely end-to-end encrypted?

We enable transparency and compliance for our customers. This means that the users and their communication cannot be viewed from the outside. However, our customer’s central system administrator can certainly carry out a check in individual cases in accordance with data protection regulations. In this way, we enable our customers, in the event of suspicion of a criminal offense or other misconduct, to be able to immediately arrest their own abusive users through documentation or to effectively exculpate the correct users immediately.

Does telego! work with partners on the technology?

Yes, we work together with partners: The technical core system comes from a startup in Munich, the telego! additional services are provided in cooperation with well-known associations, and support is provided by creditPass GmbH employees trained for this purpose.


Who can I contact directly (data protection officer) if I have any questions?

Data Protection Officer of the creditPass GmbH as provider of the telego! Secure Corporate Service is Mr. Andreas Stürzl.

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