Our current industries

Public and private security services

The requirements for public and private security services are particularly high: On the one hand, the functions must be easy and intuitive to use for different training levels without any problems. Secondly, it must be ensured that no third parties (potential criminals, observed target groups, sensation seekers, involved victims before being informed, etc.) undermine the declared security objective. This demanding balancing act is achieved by the telego! Messenger, also with thanks to the additional services offered such as Cybernotruf.de and Protected-IT.de. We are trusted by companies in the cash supply, observation and overall security services.

Health Sector & Healthcare

Under no circumstances may patient data fall into the hands of unauthorized third parties. That’s why doctors, nurses and other people involved in healthcare can use a messenger service here with telego! that is not only high-end encrypted, but whose communication components can also be re-read (!) and retraced (!) afterwards by our customers’ central system administrator. Important: Our system is tight to the outside, but explicitly not end-to-end encrypted inside. What other systems in the market do not offer: With telego!, our customers can also fulfill their compliance and intelligence requirements in a cleanly documented manner when needed.

Companies with high security requirements

All companies are constantly subject to a wide variety of cyberattacks. The vast majority go unnoticed, many just undocumented. Up to a certain point. International competitors, ideological fringe groups, organized crime or dangerous lone wolves attack to grab personal data, financial information, technical and legal confidences. For your own sake and for general liability reasons, don’t continue to make it so easy for these perpetrators. The telego! Messenger with its additional functions Cybernotruf.de and Protected-IT.de is currently the ultimate solution for your security.

Emergency services and civil protection

Rescue services and civil protection need instruments that are reliable and can be operated quickly by various participants, both in exercises and in emergencies. Even under exceptional stress. In addition, there is the gradation of different alerting levels depending on the mission requirement. This is made possible by the telego! Messenger. We will be happy to present the possibilities for your requirements individually. Their use has been practiced several times and is professional. It should be the same with your communication system.

Financial companies

Payment and financial data are coveted stolen goods for organized crime, ideological fringe groups or dangerous lone perpetrators. Many organizations secure their operational and productive systems, but not the surrounding communications of their own employees. This is a dangerous vulnerability. Don’t save at the wrong end. Protect yourself and your organization. With the telego! Messenger and our additional services for retirement planning and emergency backup. Now.