Secure Corporate Communication

Use the high-tech messenger service,
Text, image and sound transmission
on the same system technology as renowned security authorities and corporations.


The telego! Messenger: Internal remains internal.

Fast communication with images, streams and voice is increasingly mobile, both in the professional and private sectors. In this context, messenger services have prevailed due to their prevalence, scope of services, habit and ease of use via smartphones. The content, which is always confidential at companies, government agencies and public institutions, must remain within the organization. Consumer app applications are a massive security threat to all content shared there. If handled carelessly, entrusted sensitive data, competitive advantages, status messages, etc. are exposed without protection at companies, hospitals, emergency services and authorities. Because up to now no suitable safe tools are provided to the working teams for quick and smooth handling.

Our customers receive their own complete system, which enables all users in the team to be connected with voice-over-IP and video call, real-time messaging, secure image handling incl. Image editing, professional group communication, multi-device platform integration, push-to-talk, alerting, live locations, polls, chat widgets, status information, unified endpoint management, third-party system interfaces, chatbots, LDAP & AD synchronization, professional analytics to provide. What’s more, to meet compliance requirements, the telego! HighTech-Messenger also provides the administrator of the system with the necessary traceability and documentation in their own organizations.

No data is transmitted directly to the outside. No foreign user can log in. Negligence is almost completely ruled out. And in your organization, everyone can share text, voice, images, and streams with each other, simultaneously, intuitively, faster, and more securely. The rule here is: internal remains internal.


or why telego! is the current top messenger in Europe and beyond…


Text messages to single or multiple officially registered participants in the system.


Forwarding to officially registered participants in the system.


Real-time voice transmission with officially registered participants in the system.


Communication groups quickly created for registered participants in the system.

FurtherE Functions

Dr. Kersten Trojanus

Der telego! Messenger ist für unsere hohen Sicherheitsanforderungen in der Bargeldversorgung unverzichtbar. Wir sichern damit unsere interne Kommunikation gegen alle Angriffe von Außen ab – auch aus Compliance- und Haftungsgründen ist der telego! Messenger, inklusive seiner Zusatzleistungen, aus meiner Sicht das beste Produkt im Markt.

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