Russia’s war: What threatens us in cyberspace?

War is approaching and the vulnerability of our IT infrastructure is obvious. Are real disasters now looming from cyber attacks?

Given the development of the war in Ukraine, there is a growing fear that Russia could attack us in cyberspace. For years, opinionated experts have painted dramatic scenarios of a cyberwar that could lead to very real disasters. To be sure, the reality is less dramatic. But it requires a change in thinking and more investment in IT security. An analysis …

Government activities in cyberspace fall into three categories:

  1. Cyber espionage – that is, primarily the collection of information
  2. Cyber-strikes – these are all forms of cyber-attacks below the threshold of a war
  3. Cyberwar – Warfare in Cyberspace

If this is immediately clear to you, you can jump directly to What has already happened in Ukraine?, which deals with the current situation and possible further developments. However, it is helpful for understanding to look a little more closely at the respective cyber activities and, in particular, their strengths and requirements in advance.

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