Security conference fair: Not only CISOs meet at secIT 2023 in March

When things go wrong in IT, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has a lot on his or her plate. There are many helpful facts and products on secIT.

Being responsible for data and information security in companies is no easy task. So CISOs need to know exactly what to do when attackers make their way onto a company’s network. To make this work easier, the editorial teams of c’t, heise Security and iX have selected a host of exciting topics that competent speakers will communicate in a comprehensible manner at secIT 2023 in Hanover.

But not only CISOs are in the right place at secIT, the event is also aimed at admins, data protection officers and CEOs – after all, IT security should also be a matter for the boss.

The security congress fair will be held at the Hannover Congress Centrum (HCC) from March 14 to 16, 2023. Before the start of the actual event, March 14 is dedicated to several full-day workshops. There, attendees will get important tips on securing Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365. But it’s also about effective protective measures against ransomware and how to act most effectively when an IT security incident is discovered.

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